I work with heterosexual and same sex couples on issues such as arguments, poor communication, losing the ‘spark’, affairs, jealousy, and the impact of illness or stress from work.

With good, solid relationships in our lives, we can better deal with life’s challenges. But, invariably, we experience difficulty or stress in our relationships with others. This is normal, and rather than dwelling on the conflict, it is more constructive to develop new ways of relating to each other. Relationship counselling is an effective therapy for creating meaningful change.

Some couples have developed negative patterns or cycles of relating that are difficult to break. Sometimes things that have happened long ago to both or one of the parties is having a detrimental impact on the relationship. Other times stress from work or family responsibilities is taking its toll. Some couples are able to resolve their problems in 3 or 4 sessions; however, where the problems are more complex, couples may need a longer course of therapy.

Couples who decide that separation is the best option report that the therapeutic process enabled them to understand what went wrong, and to separate with less anger and resentment than they may otherwise have done. This understanding and acceptance is important in giving each individual the chance of greater happiness and of entering a new relationship with more wisdom.

Separation counselling is also strongly recommended if children are involved, as conflict during and after separation can be detrimental to children.

Some people attend relationship counselling without a partner. Sometimes we reach a point where we question our lives and our relationships. We may feel hurt or misunderstood, and our self-esteem suffers. Seeing an independent, non-judgmental counsellor can help you make sense of what is happening. Understanding the part you played in previous relationships will help you enter a new relationship with better clarity and strength, and help protect you from further hurt.

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