Deborah Schou – Individual and Couples Counsellor in Elwood, Melbourne

People inquire about counselling for different reasons. I believe it is a mark of maturity and courage to recognise that we’ve reached that point. I also believe you deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your life.

Life can be challenging and difficult. Misfortune or tragedy can occur. Other people may disappoint us. Sometimes we just want more from life. Sometimes we don’t quite know what it is that is bothering us.

Despite the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your life, right now you may be experiencing distress. You may find that family and friends are unable to help you, or you may be thinking that it is time to speak to someone independent, someone unbiased, perhaps a counsellor.

You may feel depressed. You may be worried. You may have been abused. You may be overwhelmed with life’s commitments and demands. There may be countless reasons why you feel the way you do, but if these thoughts are resonating with you, it may be the moment to take that step forward.

The longest journey starts with the smallest step. (Chinese proverb)

COVID-19 Update

  • I am still open, but encouraging everyone to join me for teleconferencing sessions via Zoom. If you have a mental health care plan, you can claim a Medicare rebate for these sessions. Commonwealth Concession card-holders, and people  at risk of Covid-19 are required to be bulk-billed; for others, there is a gap payment. If you are unable to connect via Zoom, please feel free to contact me. Let’s all stay safe and well!